Sunday lunch, the best meal of the week


Hey everyone,


Oh my! What a crazy weekend, I have been so busy and today I actually feel so run down. To think I am back at work again tomorrow! Where does the time go?…


This little blog post is actually about my Sunday. I had been out both on Saturday and Friday night! So I was feeling a little worse for where, however I managed to pull myself out of bed and manage to get myself to a very pretty pub, I know what your thinking! Pub again after two nights out?? I can confirm I went to the pub for well what I can explain as a little bit of heaven! I had a very yummy roast dinner with all the trimmings, in a beautiful pub very close the the river to which would be a great afternoon. If it was the middle of summer and not February.


The pub is called The Thames Valley in Shepperton – Link here

Above not my picture ^


The pub was beautifully designed and had a lovely warm feel when I walked in, I always like that because some pubs just feel so cold and not very welcoming. I love big comfy chairs and low wooden beams; I can’t be the only person to love this?



My coat is from Boohoo – however it isn’t available to order anymore, however there are a couple of great deals on coats on boohoo at the moment!



Back to my main event, the menu looked so yummy I wanted everything and could have eaten it all, however I decided with the prawn and lobster cocktail with the roast dinner trio for mains. Roast trio!! I had never heard of such thing, but it was amazing literally had three roasts on one plate. For someone like myself who is so very indecisive having the option of trio roast just completely made my day and I could have the best if both days.



That was one hell of a lunch, I mean I am not that much of a fussy eater but a roast has got to be up there with one of my favourite food choices. Although I must admit I did have a glass of rose with my dinner, opps I think I better lay of the alcohol for a couple weeks at least. However I cannot wait to share something exciting coming very soon!


Hope all you lovely people had a great weekend. Did you enjoy any fabulous food? Let me know! Leave a comment below.



Happy Monday!



Chloe xx

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