Urban Decay Naked Heat Review


Hey everyone,


I have decided to write today’s blog post on one of my recent purchases of


Urban decay heat palette – £39.50

I have had this item for nearly a month now and I wanted to use the palette a few times before I gave my review of it. I have created day looks using the lighter tones. I have also made night-time bold smoky eye looks by building the product up I love how versatile it is, some days I only have 10 minutes to do my make up and yet I still find time to make a cute eye look.


I am quite pale and I have found some bronze colours can look slightly washed out on me, so I was slightly hesitant to purchase the palette. However 1 month later I couldn’t be happier I purchased the item when I did. It is a great value for money as you get 12 shades for £39.50. I don’t know why I didn’t purchase this item earlier.


This palette has the perfect warm tones, that I imagine work really well on most skin tones and eye colours. The pigments in each shade are amazing; and you need a really little amount of product for these colours to look fab. The colours are creamy and extremely workable, even if you have very little make up knowledge this palette is great for beginners.


The shimmer shades they are beautiful and blend in with the matt colours so well. I think this palette is a great product and think it should be a part of everyone’s make up collection. It is simple and easy to use and will be going with me on my mini breaks away. I cannot wait to purchase more palettes and try new looks.


Do you have this palette? What are your opinions on it? Are there any other urban decay palettes you love?


Let me know leave a comment below!!


Have a great day


Chloe xx


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