A little bedroom update featuring Feng Shui


Hey everyone,


I have decided to make a change in my room, I have had the same set up for 5 years! I had a sudden burst of energy, I wanted to change my room layout and just have a little bit of a sort out.

I was thinking if I am going to have a change around, I might have a look online at some tips online to  enhance some positivity into my bedroom. I have always been interested in Feng shui if I can make my room have a more positive vibe then why the hell not try it. Some of the tips that I give I cannot physically do, because the shape of my room makes it physically impossible, I have floor to ceiling wardrobes which cannot be moved, and I decided to get a super king size bed, therefore I have limited space to move things around. However I will share the tips I have picked up and will share with you all.


This is how my room used to look, well half of it anyway!


One of the first things I read was that your bedroom door should be open for a minimum time of 20mins per day. This ensures full ventilation of air throughout the day and as most people spend up to 1/3 of there life in the bedroom, so air ventilation is a must.


I read that you should have no more than one mirror in your room, so yesterday I removed my desk mirror and now only have my full length mirror on my wardrobe. Feng shui does discourage the use of having mirrors in your room however it would very time consuming to go to the hallway or another room 15 times when trying to chose a outfit for that party your going to on Saturday night. However it should not be in view when you are sleeping because this will reflect and increase energy.


Introducing soft lighting is important, as it can adjust the positive energy in the room especially while your sleeping. Warm lighting is appropriate for Feng Shui, well I love fairy lights as soon as it starts to get a little dark outside my main room light gets turned off and my fairy lights become my main source of light. I do also have a love for candles so I usually have a candle in the evenings as well.


My last Feng Shui point I am making is you should never have a fish tank or bowl in the bedroom along with pictures of water are also not advisable.  In the bedroom you want a peaceful environment so the flowing energy from water will disturb the peaceful and stable Feng Shui. Many aquariums use a water pump to filter the water however this will disturb your sleep during the quiet night.  Pictures of water can create too much yang energy.


So after a busy day of tiding and cleaning my room is a lot less cluttered and I have so much more space to do yoga, and do my writing in other places within my room. I don’t  know about you but I get so bored of writing in one position.




My new and improved bedroom! It is strange how the little things that can make a massive impact, I am already so much more motivated and it is just the push I needed for the end of January!


Hope you enjoyed the blog, leave any comments or message me on social media! Look forward to hearing form you.


Chloe xx

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