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Hey Everyone,


London! What a city,  it is one of my favourite places in the world.  If I had the opportunity to move tomorrow I would without a doubt.  There is so much to do,  and so many places to visit it just feels like another universe away.

London is so big with so many different styles and themes, I get so excited when I know I have a day planned in London.  I love exploring new places by walking through the streets, you get so much more of a feel for the city when you walk and can actually look around. I love trying new restaurants and trying new foods, so when I hear a good review or see somewhere I have never been before I always make the effort to go.


To start my journey in London, I went to Notting hill, walked down Portobello road and saw so many colourful houses. They are so beautiful each and every single one, I love all the colours it makes the roads so much more vibrant and honestly in Surrey we do not have houses  like this, so I always see it a treat to see see different styles of properties.


Notting hill is one of my favourite places, I also went to a little cafe called Farm Girl . It was the cutest little set up, had the most amazing tiled walls and the yummiest looking breakfast food. The coffee oh my was so delicious could have drunk it all day.  Even though I didn’t eat  whilst in there,  I most definitely will be returning to eat all the tasty looking items on the menu.


Another thing I love to go visit in London are the Mews, I will have to re visit in the summer when more of the flowers are out because they are still so pretty in the early months of the years. I would recommend anyone to go visit the mews for the perfect picture. The houses are super cute as well which is another reason why I love them. I went to St Luke’s mews in Notting Hill and they have the house that was used in the film ‘Love actually’ honestly it is so much better to see the house in real life, it was so cute and had a little note on the door saying ‘to me your perfect’.



I visited Chelsea and Kensington and I saw the most beautiful white houses, rows and rows full of beautiful streets. I would love to live in one of these properties when I’m older.  I have a big love for London and I believe that if I work hard enough I will achieve what I plan too.  There is something about these houses which whenever I walk past I always smile a little bit, this is how I know I am meant to be here!


I really hope you enjoyed my little London post, I did also have an amazing brunch at Elan cafe, which you can read about HERE! It was amazing and would recommend anyone to go!

I have put a final couple of pictures of my time in London below!  I cannot wait to arrange my next outing to find new and exciting places.




Let me know what you think below.  Do you have any favourite places in London, that I must go visit?  I am always on the look out for new and exciting things to be doing!  Hope everyone has a fab Monday!


Lots of love

Chloe xx

4 thoughts on “A Little London Post”

  1. Best of luck when venturing out! I think just walking around you find so many little hidden places which you wouldn’t normally see. That is one of the things I love about London. You just don’t know what you’ll see. If you find any exciting places you must let me know xx

  2. I live in London and have lived here all my life and I completely agree with you that the best way to get the feel of real London is by walking!

    Soffy // themumaffairs.blogspot.com

    1. Ah lovely, I would love to live in London one day! Just wander round the streets find new places and go exploring, would be amazing. X

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