Another Saturday


I know this is a little late however a lot of things have been happened the past couple of days. I really wanted to blog about all the exciting things that happened over the weekend. I bought some new make up products, which always makes me pretty excited I can’t wait to show you and I will do my reviews on them.


I don’t know if it is just the smell of new make up but the smell of Mac matt lipsticks always smell a little like cake, now I know that is probably just me but does anybody else smell some cake products from Mac products?


So my Saturday started pretty ordinary. Whenever I get a Saturday off from work I always try to make the most of it, as they don’t come around very often. Because I as I don’t have your standard mon-fri job. Therefore I wake up and instantly feel happy. So I decided I wanted to go to Kingston today I haven’t been in ages and I love the Bentalls centre.


So I decided to go for a basic pink leather skirt with knee high boots a classic winter look that is great for a dress up or dress down look.



Ah I just love them I wear them! They are so comfy and they really were reasonably priced from £38.99!!! You just can’t go wrong with that price.



So whilst I was shopping I have a crazy idea that I want to get my make up done. It was such a random thought, but I always get amazed with how I look once my make up is done I feel like a new woman. This  lovely lady did my make up, she did everything so well from colour testing my face to putting just enough glitter on my eyes. I sparkled all night long.



I had to buy some products Mac to make up the cost of the appointment, which I really didn’t mind because buying make up is just one of the things I love to do. I purchased a gorgeous lipstick and a couple of other goodies, which I will share with you in a blog soon.


Not to put my new and improved make up look to waste, decided to go and embrace my look with a yummy dinner out. I kind of did things the wrong way I did my make up first then washed my hair then decided what to wear. Slightly in reverse woops!



Here is how I looked for my night out and dinner; khaki is one of my favourite colours I think it personally goes with so much. This spring I want to experiment more with colours the colour mustard really intrigues me, I always thought that I would not be able to pull the colour off as I am very pale but I shall wait and see. I can’t wait to talk about all the things I want this year to bring and I am very excited to share this you all.


Anyway I am sorry this is a little late but I hope you al enjoy this blog


Chloe xx

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