End of 2018 – Hello 2019

January 19

Welcome 2019, I am seriously looking forward to see what exciting things I get up to.  However I think as it is the start of a new year, a look back at the some things I got up too in 2018 is a great reflection post. Also to reveal a couple of my New Year plans I already have.

 I think the first thing to mention is my blog, it is one year old and I honestly have learned from having it. There are so many positive things that have come out of it, and I have become such a stronger person because of it. I am still learning about my style and exactly what sort of blog I want to be, but right now I am happy with it and am going to continue throughout 2019. 

Going to Elan Café in London, was definitely one of my highlights. Everything about it was fantastic, from the food to the décor. The flower wall was incredible and since I first went I already cannot wait to go back, to have more coffee and take more pictures. It is a fantastic place for that perfect Instagram picture. Read my full review here

Have many wonderful days out in Brighton, will always be a lovely memory. I think one of the top days I had in 2018 was when I booked a night away and without knowing the Saturday was Brighton pride. Even though I was rather hungover, it was such a good day the sun was shining so many people were there all happy and in a great mood. It was one of those un-planned magical experiences.

Exploring Newcastle with my boyfriend! I have wanted to go for what seems like ages. From the moment we got there it was fab, seeing the ‘angel of the North’. Going to different cocktail bars and just exploring the city. There are so many things about that trip I will never forget. Read my full post about my trip to Newcastle here.

During the summer I went back to the Isle of Wight, which is where my dad used to live. It holds so many precious memories for me, and I just love going back every year to see things I used to love and doing things I used to do.  I spend just under a week there and during our time I went back to some of my favourite food places and sites that just bring back so many happy thoughts. Even though I have been to the island more times than I can remember, I always try and do something new and make new memories. It is just as important to visit new places and try new foods. Already can’t wait to go back as it does sometimes feel like a second home.

I think getting my new car was a personal highlight for me. I knew I was due to get a new car but was taking such a long time trying to decide what to get. However once I finally walked into the VW garage and walked round what felt like hundreds of cars. Finally coming across one car and I just sort of knew it was the one for me. It’s a white golf, and I just fell in love once I had test-drove it. That was definitely one of my more memorable moments.

Celebrating my mum’s birthday in Windsor was a lovely treat. Going to a beautiful café called Madame Posh, where the service and food were delicious. I cannot get over the chairs,  like big comfy arm chairs with crushed velvet covers perfect for that light afternoon lunch or tea. I do have a full review for my experience, read the full post here.

I think the final moment that has made my highlights was my birthday/Christmas. I had a lovely birthday with my family friends and boyfriend.  I had a beautiful cake and lots of really special presents; I’m a very lucky girl to have fabulous people in my life. After being at work on Christmas day my family made the 30th a very special Christmas and I a so grateful for them all. We had a whole day like Christmas with presents, Christmas dinner and of course lots of games in the evening.  It made the end of 2018 very special.

Of course there are other moments of my year that were incredible, but my post would be around 10 pages long and I don’t want to bore you all.  Although I have been so lucky this year and met some lovely new people, there are always low points. I have been through a fair share of those also, however 2019 is a new year. Anything can happen!

I have some goals set for my blog.  I have bought a calendar purely for blogging and I think this will help me be even more organised. I have a couple of travel goals; there are places I am already looking to organise for the next couple of months.  Ultimately I just want to be happy and keep doing the things I love.

I would love to hear your 2019-plans/ resolutions. 

What things are you most looking forward too?

Have you written a 2018-2019 post; leave your link below I would love a read.

Any comments please leave below. I am always happy to read and reply.

Hope everyone had a lovely start to 2019 and let it all continue

Lots of love

Chloe xoxo

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