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I have been using Fierce Face brushes for over two years now. The first brushes I bought were the 12 piece make up brush set back in 2016. I was only starting to get into make up back then, and spending nearly £100 was quite a large investment. However when they arrived, I couldn’t have been happier with my purchase. The quality of the brushes were incredible and exactly how described on the website.


The brushes brand new 2016


I am not going to sit here and pretend I wear make up every single day, because I don’t. I wear make up as and when I want, during my day to day whilst I am working I wouldn’t even think to wear make up but for evenings to days out I am all about making myself look and feel the best I can. My make up collection grows every month or so and I constantly have a list of products on a “wish list”.


I must admit I do have a secret love for make up brushes, I have well quite a few and from all different brands and companies. I will say I always use my fierce face brushes more than my others. I own quite a few Mac brushes and I can honestly say I think the quality of the fierce face brushes match the quality of the MAC brushes. For the price you are paying Fierce face brushes, you are getting an incredible deal. They are definitely worth every penny.


My original brushes came in a handle zip up case, which I think is one of the reasons I use the brushes so much. They are so easy to take from location to location and not have to worry about losing any or thinking before about which ones I want to take with me, as they are all in the case ready to go. I know the 12 brushes in the set can complete any make up look. They include 5 face brushes including 2x foundation brushes and the best angled contour brush. I honestly couldn’t fault the contour brush it is fantastic and works for any face shape and I wouldn’t apply any bronze/contour with any other brush now.


On the other side of the case you have 7 eye make up brushes, which once again you have the right amount to complete any eye look. I know I have mentioned before the quality but for blending it is incredible. The other thing I love is how you really don’t need to use a lot of product on the brushes to get a decent coverage. I find some brushes feel like they eat your make up and I find that so frustrating. The brushes are perfect for both beginners who have little experience, or full time make up artists.


Fierce face recently had a 50% promotion on the brushes on an online, and I seized the opportunity to purchase a couple further brushes.  I bought the 6 piece “ultimate eye” brush set in pouch. I use my eye make up brushes a lot more than my face brushes, and become a lot more creative with different eye looks. Plus the pouch is perfect to take away.


Brushes bought October 2018


Overall I think the Fierce Face brushes are amazingly affordable especially for the quality you get. The products last for years if you look after them and clean them regularly. Plus they come in handy cases to take on holiday or just to a friends house to get ready for a night out. I couldn’t be happier with my brushes, and I shall continue to use them for both day and nightwear looks.


The company is run by Maria Fowler who is a make up artist and a link to the website is below.



Let me know if you have any Fierce face brushes, or of there are any others I shall try.

What are your favourite make up brush brands?

Any comments please leave below, I shall reply to them all.


Love Chloe xx

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