Ideas and starting new things


Today has been very much a day for getting ideas together, reading posts and generally learning from some amazing people some tips and hints for running a blog, and I think ultimately the most important thing I have learned is just to be myself. People will either like me or not there is no point trying to please everyone.  I guess people will be wondering what sort of person I am, and hopefully the more I post the more you can see exactly who I am.


I have started a Pinterest account (which you can follow as well) – I have found it amazing to get ideas together all the things I am passionate about such as fashion, makeup, home decor, organisation and stationary, flowers, travel and much much more. I have created a Bloglovin account to follow other blogs and see different styles. Here is a link:


I have a certain style in which I hope will come across when you read my posts. I have some plans and I am very excited to share them in the upcoming weeks. Anyway back to where we are currently and not rushing too far ahead.


I hope that everyone has had a lovely couple of days and are looking forward to the weekend. I know if you are just reading this you will probably think what is she doing. However this is something I want to do for myself and I am only improve by practising! I will keep on going and will do the best I can do.


Chloe xx

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