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Hey everyone,


I don’t think many of you know that I have very sensitive skin, and I have struggled for years to try find some face products that don’t bring up rashes or a face full of spots.


I struggle to find any body lotions including face cream/ face scrubs/ face serum. It is very difficult for me to find products that work with my skin. I have tried so many different products, brands and I just find it so difficult.


However my mum at Christmas bought me:


  I am unsure how much this was as it was a gift.


It is an Estee Lauder Revitalizing kit, it is just a sample kit so all the products are smaller than normal size but it is such a good size to try the products for a month or so.  I love the face scrub, it smells great I feel it cleans really well and the finish of my skin after is amazing.


The face and eye cream do feel so fresh on my skin I am yet to see the effect on my skin after 1 months use, but at this time my skin is looking and feeling fresher. It is definitely a good start and I am feeling confident with my new products.


If anyone uses any products that they use and are brill please let me know!

I would also love to hear if anyone has any recommendations for face products – scrubs – moisturiser – serum??? I am always wanting to try new products! Send me a message or email and I’ll message back!


Chloe xx

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