Look back at February Goals!


Hey everyone!


I hope everyone has had a productive February, and completed all the goals they had set out to do. This post is a couple days old because I was on nightshifts the past couple of nights, however I am going to make up to it in March by writing more and sharing all new and exiting things I get up too.


The start of this month just hasn’t really been that great. It has been colder than the whole of January, and have skidded on ice in the road more times than I can remember. I just want spring to arrive, to feel the warmth and start to see flowers blossoming. I am very positive because I know that the warmer weather is just round the corner.


Back to the reason for this blog post! I am looking back at my goals from February to see what I achieved and what still needs to be worked on. How I look at things, if you haven’t completed your goals in the time frame you set don’t worry about it. We all have so many things going on in our lives that we can’t always complete the things we want too when we set to complete them. I  have read so much where people get very disheartened when they haven’t achieve there plans by a set time, in reality we don’t have a sell by date, we will complete our goals when in a time frame that suits us all.


My first goal was to go through my shoes and throw some away. Well not going to lie, I haven’t had enough time to go through and throw any away.  I have however had a look and made a mental list of the ones I am planning to get rid of, I just need to spend an afternoon going through them all and sorting them out property. Maybe I’ll find some time this month!


I wanted to blog more regularly and prep my blogs slightly better. I have managed to plan my blogs better and I have more content ready to go. However I still struggle slightly with my shift work as that does mean I cannot post when I like. I am still working on this and I hope in a couple of months I will have have more or a routine that works well with blogging and work. I work very well when I have a routine to stick with, as I am a very organised person who loves having a plan of action.


London is a place I love to go. I managed to get a mini break in London in February which was fab, I went to Notting Hill and Portobello road where I saw all the colourful houses and quirky shops. The street food I saw was amazing and smelt so delicious, I could have eaten it all. I made a trip for brunch at Elan cafe which I wrote a blog post about Link here it was the cutest cafe which the most unreal flower accessories. I also have another trip planned to London this week which I am very excited about and cannot wait to share this experience with you all.


Booking a holiday was one of the things I most wanted to do last month and I did! I am so very excited that in October this year I am going to Mexico for 10 nights. I have never been before, and I cannot wait to get out and explore new places and make lifelong memories. I am already making lists of things I want to do whilst I am out there, which I know is slightly ridiculous as it is 6 months away. Can’t blame a girl for being enthusiastic. Oh it’s also the home of tequila which I mean can only mean one thing. SHOTS!


I wanted to eat slightly healthier and have one cheat day a week. I am not going to lie this goal hasn’t really gone to plan, I try eat really good during the day however as soon as I get home I get so tired and eating a takeaway or going out is just so much easier than cooking. However I know I cannot live like this and if I continue I will become the size of a whale. So I am going to buy a cook book with quick simple food in which doesn’t take long to cook, I think this will help my laziness and will force myself to cook healthier and better food. Does any one have any tips on how to live a busy lifestyle and manage to eat healthily?


My final goal from February was to up my social media game. I feel this is improving however like I said in my previous post this is a long term goal and results will not happen over night. I am looking forward to the future and seeing what I can learn about social media and how I can use it to my advantage in the upcoming months. Does anyone else have any social media goals? I would love to speak with people that know about social media, as I am still very new to it all.


That is it those were my February goals, and it was a good month! However I felt like it flew by, I have  learned this month that I need to just enjoy each month for the highs and lows. I have decided not to write new goals for March as I have lots of things planned already and don’t want to give myself too much to do, if I don’t have the time. I hope you all have a lovely March and I look forward to reading  about all your goals you have set.  Leave a comment below with your links and I’ll give them a read!


Have a lovely Sunday afternoon/evening and an amazing week!


Sending love

Chloe xx





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  1. Hi there, look into a plugin that allows you to pre-schedule your posts in advance. This has been an incredible game changer for me, I have a WordPress blog. If it wasn’t for this, I would have been in the same boat as you. Hope you can find something like this.

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