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As I promised from my previous post, I thought a little review on the products I bought from MAC cosmetics. Please bear with me as I haven’t done one of these before – however I have a rather large collection of make up and I love trying new things and I must admit I have an opinion on most things I talk about. Therefore I don’t think it can go horribly wrong.


Well here goes so the background story (if you didn’t read my previous post)  I was shopping in the Bentalls centre in Kingston, and I have the very strange feeling of that I want to get my make done. My initial thought was that because it was a Saturday there would be no appointments and I would just be wasting my time –  but just my luck Mac had an appointment so I thought it must be fate.  So incase you don’t know what the process is you get your make up put on and then you have to spend a certain amount on products in store. Which I obviously don’t mind because well everyones make up collection can always afford to be a little bigger!!


So the products I bought:


MAC Embark Matte eye shadow £13.50

This eyeshadow that I bought is just so beautiful, it is an amazing mix between brown and red and blends so well with a blending brush. I never would have picked a colour like this as I am very pale and I thought it might over power me, however because it is so easy to build up to make it as dark as you like as they are very pigmented I found this product perfect. I have quite a few of the MAC eyeshadows and overall I think they are all fantastic, you can create so many different looks and can even use them for eyebrow filling and with a liner brush to create a softer looking line. Muti purpose or what!


MAC Honeylove Matte lipstick £16.50

Honeylove is a shade I have been wanting for ages I absolutely love it! I am very much into a nude lipstick it is perfect for both day and night wear! It is super easy to apply and stays on all day long, even while I eat and drink it stays on. So I have found with some matte lipsticks after a few hours they can start to crack and look a little rubbish, but this one looks brill throughout the day. This nude has a slight hint of pink in and it is just beautiful, a little sample of the shade is  below.



New make up means a happy Chloe.


MAC false lashes £11.50

I also bought some eye lashes for my night out . Not too much I can say about them apart from they were perfect for my evening out. The lady in MAC also said I could get a couple of wear out of them, perfect! The only thing I would say is they were just what I want I am not a fan of really thick over dramatic lashes. So these ones are just brilliant. Here is the finished look below.



Well leave your comments below – anything you want to see, let me know! Hope everyone has a great Friday tomorrow 🙂


Lots of love

Chloe xx

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