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Hey everyone, last week I went to such a cute little tearoom for my mum’s birthday, and as soon as I saw it I thought I must write a blog post about it. It is called Madame Posh and is based in Windsor and I must say it was just one of the cutest places I have been in a long while. It was decorated beautifully with large comfy chairs and beautiful decorations which give it a very chic feel. I was most impressed with how the set up was, and I love when you walk past a café and you can see a whole array of different cakes and sweet treats.

The first thing I loved about entering was the smell of fresh pastries and cakes that flooded the room it was gorgeous. The set up was the cutest having big comfy chairs with blankets over which gave a complete cozy feel. The tops of the tables were marble styled in a gorgeous pretty pink colour. Everything about the tearoom was so pretty, and I especially loved the chandeliers that were hanging up.

We ended up having a crepe each a nice champagne cocktail. I must say the cocktail list is rather impressive with a wide selection of cocktail styles. However someone on an opposite table ordered the afternoon tea and it looked so impressive. With all the different cakes and sandwich selection, it looked amazing. I will definitely be going back for that next time.

If you are not a massive cocktail drinker or you are the designated driver, they have an incredible selection of teas and other hot drinks. Whether you are popping in for a quick brunch, lunch or even just a slice of cake this place is perfect as it can accommodate for all.

They have additional seating round the back however as I reserved the front table I didn’t get to see the other seating options but I can imagine just as cute setting with comfy chairs. The staff were fantastic also really attentive and always answering all questions I had.

I loved how Christmassy it all was, I do love it when different companies make an effort with Christmas I find it such a magical time of year. Just a few Christmas lights and decorations really do make such a difference.

I would really recommend to anyone who is in the area, or even if you just want to go for an afternoon tea or light lunch and fancy something a little different.

They also do bookings online which can be ideal if you are travelling especially to go there.

Have you ever been to this cute tearoom?

Or would you recommend any other cute café’s I should go too?

Would love to hear your thoughts, leave a comment or can always send me an email.

Lots of love Chloe xx

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