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This weekend I was very excited as it was the first time I have ever been to a misguided shop. I have ordered so many items from missguided.co.uk before and I love there clothes. I think they are so reasonably priced yet they are really good quality. I think they have an amazing range for all shapes and sizes, there clothes range cover from sleepwear to going out to workwear. I think that it is just fab!


I felt slightly overwhelmed when I walked in, the shop was just massive and had so many clothes, my thoughts were I just don’t know where to start. This was the moment when I first saw the Missguided store, and I think I fell in love a little.

See what I mean about it being massive!!


I was looking round and I couldn’t help but pick up so many items, my arms were physically aching from carrying so many clothes. However I was loving life, pretty much wanting everything from inside the shop.  Whilst I was walking round I did notice these fantastic vending machines, they sold water in cans and I must admit I did buy one. I just wanted to see if the water did taste any different? If anyone is wondering the water tasted exactly the same as bottled water!



I think it is only fair that I show you the bits I bought as the title of this blog does mention this is a Missguided haul! I will put the link from the website next to the item I bought. Please excuse my photos as they are pretty much the same pose as I was in the changing room and there wasn’t much space – however the lighting was on point.


  nude dress £15 – multiple colours

This dress I thought would be perfect for a summer night, I am loving off the shoulder items at the moment and this one just fits in with the collection. It is a little see through however with the correct underwear on this will not be an issue, I love the stretchy material and would be perfect will a fluffy jacket and heels. Can’t wait for summer now!


  This item is not on the missguided website. £30

I have no idea if this is a Westfield only item 🙁 Hopefully it will be on the website at some point.  This brings me nicely onto the collaboration Missguided have with Barbie. I love this so much I have previously bought a couple items from the range before and they are just brilliant, they are both quirky yet practical for day wear. I cannot wait for the perf day to wear this outfit, I might even wear it for a night out. With the right accessories I think this could be both day/night wear.


 grey dress – £25

I know what I just thought and your probably thinking the same, that dress looks purple why are they describing it as grey? Well I don’t have an answer however I would say this dress is very much more a lilac colour with a hint of grey. Also the dress looks a little loose at the top where the straps are however this is only because I was by myself in the changing room and couldn’t get the zip all the way to the top. Once I got home I got my zip fully up and it fits perfectly. This material I wouldn’t normally go for as I think it looks a little unflattering on myself. However once I have tried it on I feel it looks a lot better on then off on a hanger. Overall I am so excited to wear this dress for an event. I might even have something in mind. I’ll explain more about that in another blog.


  cargo trousers £45 multiple colours &  Nakey top £12 not on Missguided website 🙁

These trousers are amazing, if I could have bought them in every colour I would have done I think they are going to be perfect with a pair of heeled boots for a night out. Yet they will be perfect for a day out for a more casual look with a big bag and crop top. The top I bought was just a little extra as I love Rhianna! So anything that relates to her I really just want to buy,  I will one day do a blog about Rhianna’s make up.


That’s all for now, however I have one last thought which is what I saw on my way out of the shop.


This is my last thought for today’s blog. I hope you all enjoy and if you have any comments to post below! Would love to hear your recent purchases from Missguided.


Chloe xx


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