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Hey everyone,


I have always had a love for Charlotte Tilbury since I came across the make up brand around 3 years ago. The products arrive in the most beautiful packaging, with a lot of the details in rose gold, which is my absolute favourite. I think the costs of the products are very reasonable especially as they are made to a very high quality. I personally find the make up stays in place for hours without smudging or streaks starting to appear.



So I have quite a few products from Charlotte Tilbury and my post would be so long to go through all the products, therefore I have decided to write ‘My top 5 favourites’. These products I mention below are what I love to use and are my personal reviews. So lets get started!


My first product I am going to mention is the Magic Foundation.


Magic Foundation shade 3 – £30

I am shade 3 fair and oh my, it is so smooth and silky when applied to my face for a flawless complexion. You need just to apply a tiny amount and the coverage you get from applying is just amazing. Another thing I love about this product is you can build it up for any look. For everyday you just want to keep it simple it is perfect with a little bit of bronzer. However if you want to create a look a little more dramatic then it is the perfect formula and it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin, which I have found with other foundations in the past. Overall I think this product is pretty amazing and should be in everyone’s make up collection. Oh it has also won an award for the best beauty stylist is 2017! If that isn’t a reason to purchase I don’t know what is.



Moving on to The Dolce Vita palette.

Dolce Vita Palette – £39

I have a couple of the palettes but this one is by far my favourite, the colours are beautiful they complement themselves so well especially on my skin tone. I am rather pale and some colours can just completely wash me out however this palette is just amazing. I really like how diverse the colours are you can make so many different looks just from the 4 shades, the colours are so buildable and you can create some gorgeous looks. I think the first thing that really comes to mind is how pigmented the colours are, as I have mentioned I am quite pale skin and finding light colours that actually show on my face is sometimes very difficult. I was not disappointed and this product definitely deserves a place in my top 5.


Next up Kim K.W hot lips lipstick and Pillow talk Lip cheat pencil.


Kim K.W lipstick – £24

Pillow Talk Lip Cheat – £16

I decided to write both these products together as I‘m not going to lie they work together like Posh and Becks they are the perfect couple. I have actually bought the lipstick twice as this was my first ever product I bought from Charlotte Tilbury and when I ran out I just had to go and invest in another. It is the perfect nude/pink I have come across. (My nude lipstick collection is rather large) It is so soft when applied and doesn’t make my lips feel dry throughout the day/ night. The only thing I would say is that it does need to be reapplied after you have eaten, however I don’t think this is too much of a problem lipstick does come off.


I think the lip liner is a beautiful colour and works with so many of the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick shades. This combo is one of my favourites though. This product is the perfect formula to create the perfect lip shape. It works so well on my skin tone and on darker skin tones it is still such an amazing nude. This duo is one that is always in my make up bag, works amazingly well together for both a day and night look.



My final product is Full Fat Lashes Mascara in glossy black.

Full Fat Lashes Glossy Black – £23

This mascara is a 5 in 1 and I couldn’t agree more. This mascara does so much more than just extend my natural lashes. Charlotte states on her website this mascara provides you with curl, separation, volume, length and drama! This mascara isn’t clumpy when applied and I love how you really don’t need a lot for this product to work. There is nothing I dislike more than really clumpy ‘spider web’ looking eyelashes. I feel this mascara gets the consistency just right, and there is no need to overload because the brush can get enough product over the lashes to provide enough volume and texture evenly.



So those are my 5 Charlotte Tilbury that I just cannot live without, there are other products that I also love and if you like this post I can always do another similar post! So let me know what you think.


What are your favourite Charlotte products? Do you use any of the products I have? Leave a comment below, always love to hear your feedback.



Hope you all have a great rest of the weekend!



Chloe xx




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