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Hey everyone,


I have had the busiest weekend but I had the best weekend. I went to London on Thursday evening and spent most of the day on Friday doing fun bits around the big city, although it was freezing and constantly needed coffee breaks.


However the reason I am writing this post is to talk about my brilliant experience at “One of the most instagramable café’s in London” Now that is a big title however I am not even joking when I say I walked in and this place felt like a little bit of heaven. This café is on Park lane right opposite The Dorchester hotel.

It is called Elan Cafe

It had the cutest pink roses outside above the shop meaning you couldn’t miss it and it defiantly made the street that little bit more pretty.

There were the most beautiful looking cakes and pastries all placed out looking so yummy. The beautiful smell of coffee was in the air; which means you can’t help but smile when you walk in. Now I got to the café around 9.00am and I didn’t need to queue however I did speak to one of the lovely ladies inside who said that after around 10.00am there are queues outside.


So the café was the cutest little place I have ever been everything was pink and floral and so beautifully placed. They had the most wonderful marble tables inside which I loved, was such a great touch. There is something about the marble effect that I cannot get enough of at the moment.

The café was quite small and the majority of the seating was downstairs, but on the way down the stairs there was a very impressive flower wall. As soon as you get to the bottom I just saw the very instagramable flower wall and in big bright lights “coffee is the new black”. I don’t think anyone can go in the café and not take a picture of it. It has made me want a flower wall in my bedroom.

Now I have ordered food and I go for avocado on sour bread toast with poached egg. The avocado was just unreal there were little edible flowers and pomegranate seeds which when eaten all together tasted sensational. I had to order one of the croissants as in every picture I have seen they have looked incredible. I seriously wasn’t disappointed, it was so flaky and soft and the raspberry filling just gave it the perfect amount of sweet without overpowering.

I could see the staff were very busy – however I felt they were all very lovely and helpful if I had any questions. I can’t remember the name of the waitress that served me however she was fab. This café is amazing if you want that perfect Instagram shot of your brunch/cake/coffee/ and many other super pictures. This cafe will give you great pictures for your blog or even just for a cute photo frame. If you are a big foodie like myself you will be amazed by the quality of the food, I couldn’t get enough and I cannot wait to go back for brunch again when it gets a little warmer.

It was a little pricy however you are on Park lane, and you are paying for more than just the food. You are getting full experience from that as well. I would totally recommend anyone to go. Unfortunately you cannot book a table and sometimes the queues outside can be longer than 30 mins.

Oh and my final thing to say if you do go make sure you fill in the little feedback form, I am always a big fan of leaving feedback! How can anyone improve in life if they don’t receive comments back.

Have you ever been to Elan Café? Do you plan on going? I would love to hear what you think of this post. Let me know leave a comment below!!


Have a great day


Chloe xx

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