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Hey everybody,


Hope you are all having a fabulous week, the sun is finally shining and I don’t know about you but I am just feeling so much more positive about the upcoming weeks. March is a great month for me, I start to really sort out my finances from the previous months. I usually am just about over my winter cold by now, plus I can now write the date down and no longer have to correct the 7 in 2017 to an 8. I also get so excited by Easter all the chocolate, baby animals and Easter dinner!


I am writing todays blog post on my favourite sunkissed body lotion. I am sure you all know what a sunkissed body lotion is however if you are unfamiliar, it is a lotion with false tan which is a wash off formula. I am writing this today as this week is the first time this year I have used this product and I’m not going to lie I did forget slightly how great it was. I am naturally very pale and I do really struggle to pull of some colours which is such a shame as I love all pastel colours and styles that are a little more out there.


I stumbled around my wardrobe for what felt like hours however eventually picking a few items which I liked however when I put them on I just thought they looked crap. I really struggled to find something that I actually thought looked half decent on. Whilst I was trying these items on I noticed in the mirror how pale my legs actually were and then it clicked, I remembered about this amazing lotion from last year that I just couldn’t get enough of.


Link here Soap and Glory Sunkissed Tint Body Lotion – £8 boots

I have linked the product from as that is where I purchased it from, however there are other shops which sell the product and the whole range of soap and glory.


This product is only £8 and honestly I love it! The product gives of an amazing golden tone which doesn’t look fake.  I love how easy it is to apply, it is the perfect mixture of moisturiser and tan. I would recommend say use a fake tan mitt as the product is very dark when it comes out the bottle and can really stain your hands, although no threat a tip I have learnt. Pour a little baby oil in your hands and rub together for a couple of minutes, put some soap on and then wash. The product will not be completely gone but you will hardly notice the stain.


Not only does the product go on very evenly it stays on all night, only when I get in the shower or bath the next day does the product come off. The smell is just wonderful it can be so difficult when using fake tan products to get the ‘biscuit’ smell but I assure you this product is not the same, it smells a little fruity, however beautiful. On the bottle it does state that it is ‘No-Streak Long-Wear’ and I must say THERE WERE NO STREAKS!! I do think this is to do with the way the product is applied but it just leaves your skin looking sun fresh, and I couldn’t be happier!


This product for me is a life savour, the amount of times I just have just needed a quick bronze up ready for an un-planned evening or just needed a little extra something. This product has been there and comes with me whenever I have a break or just a weekend away.


This is the final image of what I looked like, with the soap and glory tan all over!

Have you used this product before? Do you use any tanning products that I should try? Does anyone have any tips to tan your back without dislocating your arm? Let me know below I always love to hear your comments!


Love of love

Chloe xx



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