My Five February Goals 2018



Hey everyone, and happy Friday!


I have decided to share my plans of what I aim to do this month; I am feeling so motivated and positive about the upcoming months. This is quite rare for me as in previous years I have felt very slumpish. I just feel that I can let nothing get in my way now. I have set proper goals for month and also for the year.




How my shift plan goes this month I am working 15 days out of 28. Oh yes I do love February the shortest month of the year and we are one step closer to having some proper sunshine again. Back to working 15 days, I have quite a few days off so I have a couple of things that I would love to get done and tick off my list. Well five things to be exact! I am sure a couple of other things could make the list however I need to be realistic and not over commit myself.



– First things first I want to go through my shoes and basically chuck some out, this I think will be difficult because I love shoes more than most, and I am pretty sure I could sit here and tell you why I should keep them all. However my collection is becoming slightly unmanageable, and anyway I can always make space for new shoes!


– I want to be slightly more organised with prepping blog posts, I want to organise and post more regularly. I think posting on a regular day means consistency and that is what I love, organising and just general planning makes me a happy bunny. Although working shifts may mean my posts will not be posted up at the same times every week, but I am sure I can find a way to upload.


– I want to get into London more, I have so many lists with places I want to visit and I just cannot wait to spend some quality days in the big city. I live just a 40-minute train ride away so I really have no excuse to not go in. I cannot wait to share with you all the things I get up too, when I have adventures.


– Book a holiday! This one I am very excited about, I think just knowing that something is booked means I can start getting all excited for exploring new places and seeing new things I have never seen before. Not going to lie I will probably start packing months before and make many checklists before I go. Just thinking about it is putting a massive smile on my face.


– Stick to my healthy food regime and have just one cheat day a week, if any. This month I have tried so hard to eat better and just not eat so much crap because I started to feel really down about knowing how much rubbish I was putting in my body. Don’t get me wrong I am not on a diet or counting my calories because I’m not going to lie I couldn’t think of anything worse than restricting myself. If I want something I will make it however I will just try to do it the healthy way for example if I want fish and chips which I love. I would grill some fish and make sweet potato wedges – there we go just as tasty but so much better for me.


– My final goal for February, up my social media game. My blog is still very new therefore I am not expecting leaps and hurdles however I want to use social media to learn how I can use it to promote my blog more. I think this goal will be long term, as social media isn’t going anywhere and it is the future. So to learn more about it and how to use it properly makes me feel very positive that I will be using my time very wisely.



So those are my plans for this month, I can’t wait to get underway and share with you at the end of the month how I got on! Have you made any plans this month? Or have you got anything planned you want to achieve? Let me know would love to read about all your ideas.


Hope everyone has a great weekend!



Chloe xx


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  1. Thank you so much for your comment! I am glad I am helping you to feel motivated, I must admit at the beginning of the year it can be a struggle.. xx

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