My Peggy Porshen experience

January 19

Last week I went for a day out in London, and it was incredible. Every time I go to London I seem to find myself exploring and visiting new places I have never been before.  This day was no exception, I visited Peggy Porshen cake shop. Now I have seen this place all over Instagram and a lot of bloggers I follow have previously been here also.  It is somewhere I have been looking forward to go for quite some time.

It is located 116 Ebury St, Belgravia, London using either Sloane Square or Victoria tube, as they are closest. Plus you can always jump in a taxi if you don’t fancy the walk from the station. Walking past you really cannot miss the café, with its gorgeous pink exterior and amazing centrepiece hanging over the door. Something I noticed is when a different season or occasion takes place the décor changes with it.  As it is coming up to Valentine’s Day the décor related to love, Paris and pink

Above the doorway was a beautiful centrepiece, the word love that was created by lots of different flowers. It caught your eye straight away, it was so stunning . Hanging from the door was a floral reef in the shape of a heart and you could near enough feel the love as you walked through the door.  Outside they had tables and chairs and people could use blankets, as it was rather chilly. As it is such a popular stop there can be quite lengthy queues outside however I went when it was a Sunday after 4pm so I managed to get a seat within a few minutes.  I decided to sit inside as I am not a massive fan of the cold, and it was just gorgeous once I walked in.

There were so many beautiful flower displays, and the most elegant heart made of pink roses. I wish I could have taken it home.  There was a big display of all the biscuits and goodies you buy and take away. I wanted to buy it all, they all looked delicious. I did buy a box of biscuits and a couple slices of cake to enjoy once I had returned home.

The menu was adorable, had a beautiful picture on the front of the front of the shop with a gorgeous floral display. There were so many different options of teas and coffee’s.  Plus many delicious cake options, there were so many cakes that sounded lush however I went for the valentine’s special cupcake which was chocolate and raspberry cake with icing on the top, along with a cappuccino coffee.

Once it arrived, I couldn’t help but take a photo. I didn’t take too many, as I just wanted to jump straight in and try the cake. I was not disappointed with it; the cake was soft and not too rich. Plus the bits of raspberry that jump out really did make the cupcake a lot more gourmet.  

It really was a lovely little stop and I already cannot wait to go back in the summer and have a seat outside with some iced coffee. The whole place from inside to out, was beautifully set up. I would recommend to anyone who has thought about going. It is an experience you will not forget.

Have you ever been to Peggy Porschen cake shop before?

What other cute café’s shall I go too?

I love to hear your thoughts, do leave a comment below and I will reply to all.

Hope you have a lovely weekend

Chloe xx

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