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What better way for that Friday feeling than to get home from work put your comfy clothes and slippers on, sit on the sofa have a nice dinner and then relax watching telly in a candle lit room…

I know that is what I enjoy. From such a young age I have always been fascinated by candles from how they work, the different smells that come from them and just how beautiful they can make any room look. Not only candles but I am really into room defusers at the moment. I really enjoy having different smells in each room.

So I was thinking why don’t I do a top 5 candles that I love and the reasons behind, I will also include where they are from and a few other useful info bits. However before I start as we all know there are so many different types of candles out there from tea lights – table candles – big candles and so much more.

So as for tea lights I am not going to lie I normally just get some pretty basic ones from the supermarket or Ikea or wherever I am when I need them.  I am not so fussy because for me tea lights are pretty much a one time use only. I put them in a candle holder for 1 evening or for a dinner they look nice and then after an hour or so they go out. I tend to get through quite a few tea light candles .


My top 5 candles (these are in no particular order)

  1. Fine English Botanicals – Fig and Cassis was purchased from lakeland, however now looking and they don’t seem to sell them anymore. I can’t find a website for them either. However I believe little independent shops that sell interior items, and gift ideas.

I just love the smell of this one, it is just the right amount of fruity yet not too over powering. I love this candle for when I’m in the bath it is so relaxing, this candle and my relaxing bath playlist (I will make a post on my bath playlist). This candle will burn for up to 40 hours. These candles are made in England as well which I love because the travelling distance isn’t too far. Not only do they make candles but they make defusers in some lovely flavours as well.


2. Lily-flame Fairy dust – – I purchased this as it sounded amazing and the packaging for these candles is something I could not complain about, not only do I love them but have given them as gifts and they always go down a treat. I have a couple of these candles and they are all just wonderful,burning time for this candle is 30-35 hours .

They look so good I would eat them if I could. They have so many wonderful flavours with excellent names. It is everything you could want from a candle it is such a handy size in a a great looking tin. I would have to say that fairy dust is definitely one of my favourites it feels very magical and super sparkly. This brand is also made in the England in Somerset, loving all these British candles.


3. The White Company Ocean tide – I actually bought this candle when I was looking for a birthday present for my mum. I nearly always get mum a candle because well I love them and they make the house smell delicious. So when I was shopping I came across ocean tide and it instantly just reminded me of my childhood going to the beach on the summer holidays and spending time with my family.

The smell of this candle I love and will always have this in my room. Not only do they make the candle they also make a really great smelling diffuser which is currently in my room at the moment. I think the quality of these candles are just wonderful and the price of them is worth it.


4. Jo Malone Lime basil and mandarin this candle is ultimately so beautiful. From the packaging the candle comes in to when you first light it and the fragrance fills the room so quickly.  I think this is Jo Malone’s most popular candle and I know exactly why. I only really get this candle out on special days like my birthday or Christmas.

To be honest all of the Jo Malone candles I have used have been amazing – completely different smells for whatever mood I’m in. These ones are slightly more expensive one again I love it and will pay the money for it every time.  It brings a luxury feel to any event especially something like a dinner party. The burn time for this candle is 45 hours.


5. Yankee Candle clean cotton I purchased this candle just before Christmas and I instantly fell in love it is such a fresh smell and was perfect round the christmas table. I am not a massive fan of very Christmassy flavours so I thought this one would be perfect.

Yankee candles come in so many different sizes however the one in the imagine is the one I purchased and the burn time is between 110-140 hours. They are such good value for money and not only are they perfect for any room in your house I think they make beautiful gifts. I love so many of the yankee candles each smell is so different and they have so many different varieties.


So that was my top 5 candles. I hope you enjoyed and if you like any of the ones I do please leave a comment – or if you like any others please let me know am always wanting new smells!

Happy Friday

Chloe xx

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