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This blog is a little unexpected – however I just had to share with you. I went to Westfields on Saturday and just before I left I shop had caught my eye, it had a lot of sparkle and rose gold. So I was bound to get distracted! The shop was called Typo and it sold all things stationary.


Before I get into why this shop has just become my new fav, I think I should let you know why I love stationary and accessories so very much. It probably first started when I was in school, I think I always had the biggest pencil case and I wanted everything to go in it. (I mean everything) I wanted my pens, pencils, colouring pencils and my favourite gel pens. Not only did I love the contents on what was in my pencil case, but I wanted the best pencil case out there. Anything pink and sparkly I think would have done it for me, to be honest I am very much the same now I love sparkles. So as I got older and started going to college I had to start providing myself with notepads and journals and oh my I remember sometimes just standing in a shop staring for what felt like hours trying to decide the perfect combo of folder to notepad to diary. I guess from then on I am very much an organised person who constantly has a diary on me, who will try to colour coordinate my life and accessories.

That is probably enough about how I got into stationary loving and back to it.


When I saw Typo I couldn’t help but have a walk into the shop and see what goodies I could find. Just walking I instantly knew that I was in my version of heaven. The first table I saw was so beautifully laid out and I just wanted every note pad going. The colours are just amazing the quality I just couldn’t get over.


I was walking round trying so very hard not to pick everything up which was so difficult. I saw some really amazing items that I hadn’t noticed before in other stationary shops before, how I can describe it is they provide everything to make your desk/bedroom/house look cute and so personal. Love love love.




So there are just a couple of other photos from inside the shop. As I said before I love to coordinate my diary to my notepad, but in Typo you can not only match those but you can get a matching travel documents holder and travel tag to match your diary, that pretty much blew my whole mind how coordinated can one person be. That is so me!


That goes quite nicely onto the first item I bought which was a travel documents holder, which holds a space for tickets passports documents and a few other bits. I have wanted one of these for ages especially as I am planning a couple get aways this year would be perfect to have all my travel items in one place. There is nothing worse then getting to the airport and your passport is is one pocket and your boarding pass is in another, it just stresses me out. Travelling itself stresses me out enough, so to keep things simple this little holder is a life saviour.

  Here it is £20 – they have it in multiple different designs

On the front it is very difficult to see in the picture however it says Casing chocolate Coffee & Adventure, in a beautiful gold font. I can’t wait to get away now!


My other item bought is a water bottle, I know people will probably think why? However I can answer that I have a job where I sit at a desk all day, I currently re use a bottle of water I bought from a shop maybe 2 months ago, I have just been washing it out and reusing the same bottle. I thought it was time to get a proper bottle which I can use everyday which is cute and pretty and will make all the girls want one!


  Here it is £7 in so many colours and styles

What a bargain!! I love it so much, the writing says taking on the world one sip at a time, how relevant. The straw bit is just amazing it is so easy to drink just lift and sip. There is also a little clip on the side which i guess you could clip to a bag or something! I love that little feature make it the perfect water bottle for work and everyday to be fair.


That was both of the items I bought from Typo at the weekend, I didn’t buy much as it was the last shop I went in before I went home! However they have another a couple of other stores open, one in Kingston and Cambridge. I will be going back to one of these stores in a couple of months and buy a few more bits to organise my life.


I hope you enjoyed and let me know if you have ever bought anything from Typo? I would love to hear about your experiences!


Chloe xx


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