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Hey everyone,


I have had the most amazing few days away in the great city of Newcastle! I have never been before and it was a place I have always wanted to visit. As soon as we drove over the bridge, I instantly fell in love with the town; it has a very modern look but also has the traditional parts also. I loved that you can just walk round the corner and not know what you’ll bump into. As we were driving home I realised that I must return at some point, as here is so much to see and do. 3 days just wasn’t enough time to visit everything I wanted too.


I wanted to speak about some of the fun and exciting bits I got up too while I was away. One of the first things I saw was the mighty fine ‘angel of the north’. Oh my! It was very impressive, I mean I have seen it on TV and online a number or times however seeing it in real life is just something else. It is a sight that I will never forget; it is to date one of the most incredible man-made sculptures I have seen. Just lying on the grass taking in the sunrays with the view of the sculpture is a moment that will stay with me.


The town itself was just beautiful walking round and seeing what the city has to offer, I just loved how close everything was to the centre not needing to drive around for a couple of days but still having everything so local was a delight. So I wouldn’t be a trip to Newcastle without experiencing what the nightlife has to offer, and I’m telling you now it didn’t disappoint!



I went to one of the cutest bars I have ever been too called The Botanist. It felt as if you are walking into a really fancy greenhouse with the cutest lighting and the most amazing cocktails. The cocktails used some fab flavours which were subtle yet powerful, and I would recommend them all day long. The cocktails came out in different shaped glasses and bottles, my favourite cocktail came out in a plant pot and the bartender used some sort of smoke which was very impressive.

The night we went to the Botanist was actually a really great night as there was a live duo act and it seriously made the evening, the duo had great voices and sung some fantastic covers. It was such a nice evening listening to music and drinking lush cocktails, and after looking online they have other bars nearer where I live and I cannot wait to try them out and have more lovely evenings.



So I don’t think it is really a trip to Newcastle without a stop off at the Millennium Bridge, the sun was shining the views were great and it was just the most perfect setting. It is a fantastic thing to go see and if you ever get the chance I would recommend to it anyone any day. Plus there are loads of bars and restaurants around on the harbour so can always grabs some food and sit outside with the stunning view.

Before we came home we decided to take a little visit out of the city centre and visit the cutest little park Jesmond Dene Park, however it was more like a wildlife walk there were hidden paths and secret tunnels which lead through to secret forest areas. It was one of the most beautiful places I have been. It was massive with nice big green areas perfect for sunbathing and relaxing, and there was also great paths for walking with/without your dog, there were so many dogs around. There were so many waterfalls some of which were so impressive, I think flowing water is so beautiful to watch and I could have watched it all day. Over one section of the water there were stepping-stones, which were very cute however very slippery and I was slightly concerned I was going to fall in and look a right idiot. I didn’t fall in and I made it to the other side. It was such a beautiful place full of green and if you’re in the local area you must go visit, however would recommend suitable shoes due to the big steps and woodland walking.


I had such a great time exploring and visiting new places, and it was the perfect little getaway. I honestly would go back tomorrow if I could, it was a beautiful city and was made even better by the weather. The sunshine can always put a smile on my face, no matter what mood I am in.



What would you recommend for my next trip to Newcastle?

Have you ever been to any of the places I have mentioned? What do you think of them?


Hope you are all having a lovely bank holiday weekend and enjoying the wonderful weather.


Lots of love

Chloe xx



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