Start of Christmas


Hope you all had a fab weekend starting all the Christmas themed activities. I know I sure did, I even watched my first Christmas movie. Every year my family and myself go to a garden centre to pick up a couple of new Christmas bits, I love a garden centre especially around Christmas time. They make such an effort with all the decorations and every year I get a little bit more of the wow factor.


We usually go to a local garden centre however this year I decided to drive my parents and boyfriend to one slightly further away as I have been previously this year and just thought it was a little bigger and had the most amazing food hall. Instantly when you walk through the doors it’s just as though someone has thrown you in the North Pole. They created a circus themed Christmas with big red and white stripped fabric to give the illusion you are inside a tent.


It felt very magical but very clever at the same time. I have never seen a circus style Christmas laid out in a store before, I was very impressed. There were so many different decorations all colour co-ordinated, which I love seeing as I am a lover of all things, organised.


Sticking with the circus theme, where you could pick up the festive branches and flowers to make beautiful decorations. They were placed in stands with individual bags of popcorn and candyfloss hanging from the top of the stands. It was a vey simple yet very effective look. I have never seen anything like it and it truly stood out for me.


I always like to have a little wander round with my mum and we both enjoy looking at the little villages that are made up with fairy lights and fake snow looking very Christmassy. If I had space big enough to put a set up together I definitely would. I think sometimes the more traditional decorations can be just as beautiful as more modern ones. Christmas for me is a time where I get so excited to have my own home and create lots of magical memories within.


One of the final reasons I love going to the garden centre is the food. They have the best looking food from all over the world, including a section filled with American Goodies. I honestly could spend hundreds of pounds on all things foods American. Over all I think the first weekend of Christmas activities were a success. I am now just making plans of other little things I want to get up too during the countdown till Christmas.

The garden centre that I went to this year was Longacres .They also have a santa’s grotto that is opening soon.



What are your plans on the run up to Christmas?

Do you have any traditions that you do every year?


I love to hear your thoughts, leave a comment below or you can send me an email, or dm on Twitter. I’ll always reply!



Hope you all have a wonderful Monday


Love Chloe xoxo

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