Summer drink list


Hey everyone,


Hope you have all had a lovely weekend and making the most of the beautiful weather. I have been busy trying to get some summer plans in with busy work shift plan. Very excited for the upcoming bbq’s and sunny days out to the beach and exploring lots of new places.


My blog post today is all about my favourite drinks that I am loving a lot at the moment and what a better time to post this when lots of garden parties are happening, or just even just to have some drinks down the pub. My first drink on my list is a classic Pornstar martini, they are just fabulous. They have just the right amount of fruit/alcohol ratio which means you can hardly taste the vodka. Which for me is perfect because they are perfect for day or night time drinking, I am not a fan of day drinking something super strong as I still want to enjoy my daytime activities and also I gotta make it to the evening. I must admit that anything passion fruit flavour is an automatic YES from me.


The next drink to make an appearance on my list is Gin. Now I know this is a category as unfortunately I am not one of these people that can drink alcohol straight. However gin is lovely in the summer especially in a bar with friend or if your on a date, it usually arrives in a big gin glass with a few ice cubes and a lovely selection of assortments including different berries, cucumber and even some mint. Also what a fab Instagram picture opportunity, with the sun shining a lush looking drink I mean what more could you want.


My final alcoholic drink that is being added to the list is fruit cider. There are so many different brands out there that all make a really fab drink, now I can only drink a couple as they are very sweet and can make my teeth feel a little fury. Anyone else get this or just me?  I do love a really cold strawberry/ red berries cider sitting on a patio with a BBQ going on in the background with friends and family, that for me is a perfect summer afternoon. Also isn’t fruit cider pretty much alcoholic squash?


One of my favourite non alcoholic summer drinks is punch, I know this normally involves alcohol however just mixing some different fruit juices with lemonade and add a little grenadine for the colour change, I think is just as fun and refreshing and perfect for the ones who have to drive.


Also cocktails are fab, because you can so easily make them non alcoholic but can still have all the fruit bits, and my favourite the little umbrellas. I think you don’t always need to drink alcohol to have a fun time, but just a couple with the right people can make those summer afternoon/evenings very memorable.


I would love to hear some of your favourite drinks to be drinking this summer, alcohol or not!

Also does anyone else have a love of passion fruit flavoured drinks?


Hope you are all having a lovely week!


Lots of love

Chloe xx

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