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Hey everyone,


What a lovely week of warm glorious weather. I know I have been making the most of this weather. This is one of the reasons I have wanted to write this post for a few weeks now. There are so many things I love about summer and for me to list them all would take far too long, and to be completely honest you would probably get well and truly bored of me just rambling on.

I decided just to list a few of the top things I love and then to list the things I am not so keen on. Just to keep things a little interesting.


To begin, I am going to go through the bits I well and truly love about summer


  • Wearing summer clothes! I am very much a sucker for a floral top, or anything with lace. It is the best of year to experiment with different colours and materials. This year two-pieces are becoming a fantastic addition to my wardrobe, especially anything off the shoulder. I mean they are also a fab way to get that tan glowing on your back. How could I forget about cute sandals especially when you’ve just had a fresh pedicure, one of the best feelings.


  • Eating outside, wether it be in your own garden or in a pub garden with the sun setting in the background. BBQ is ultimately my favourite choice of food in the summer, just relaxing with a cold beer and the smell of charcoal burning with halloumi cheese toasting on the grill. The other time of day I enjoy eating outside is breakfast, this only usually happens whilst on holiday as I don’t have the time to go outside in my day-to-day life. However eating your poached eggs on toast with the morning sun and the slight breeze on your face, is one of those moments that I live for.


  • Sunglasses for me are the best accessory during the summer months, because you could be feeling ill or hungover and no one would be able to tell. Sunglasses just go with every outfit dress up or dress down they are perfect! Also if your running a little late and haven’t got time to do your make up before getting to work they can make you look a little more alive and less like you walked to work through the Sahara dessert.


  • Is it just me or is there someone somewhere who is always happy to go to the pub? I feel it is nearly  always acceptable to go for a cheeky beverage when the sun is shining. You could have lunch time drinks in a lush pub garden, or go on a day drinking session the options are endless. So many activities can involve having a drink such as watching sport wether it be inside on the sofa, or watching it on a big screen with other supporters. Summer is festival season, and nothing says festival season than live music and a cider in a paper cup.


There are so many other little things that make summer perf for me, but I feel this post would just go on and on and on.


Now to move onto the things that do not make my summer too hot


  • First thing is bugs and flies, I find my bedroom over heats and can be super stuffy, you really need the window open for air to circulate. However all the flies decide that they want to make camp in my room, and being honest it is so annoying when i’m trying to write or watch TV and I can just see little flying zooming round my room like its the Grand Prix.


  • Sleeping arrangements are also not to great in summer, I am one of these people that likes to sleep under some sort of cover as I feel too exposed.  However during this current heat it is far too hot to do so. I love my fan in my room however it is far too noisy to go to sleep with it on. I could open my window but then I have the bug problem and end up with the birds singing at 5am waking me up. Ultimately I just need a silent fan, so if anyone knows of any please let me know or send me the link.


  • I am not a fan of having to shave my legs most days, I get so fed up of it! Especially as by 12 hours later prickles are starting again. I would love to just get them waxed then at least I could forget about it for a little while however I have missed my chance this year, especially as I am pretty much living in shorts and skirts well apart from when I am at work. Maybe I’ll fit it in before I go on holiday.


  • Why is it I always want an ice lolly in the heat? I don’t know what it is but at the worst possible times I am really wanting a refreshing ice lolly, like for example waking in the middle of the night. Or just when I get to work? I mean I don’t know about you but anything fruity is a yes from me!


There we go, those are are a couple of the things that I love about the fab summer months, also including a few that I am not a big fan of. Do you agree with any of these?

What a your loves and hates of summer?

Let me know and leave your links below, I am always so curious about what you all love and enjoy.  P.s the pictures used above are not my own.


Hope you all have a lovely rest of the week!

Lots of love

Chloe xx

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  1. I love summer clothes, sunshine and being outside (when it isn’t sweltering) and yes, flip flops/thongs. A few things I don’t like are sleeping in uncomfortable heat and sweating 🙂 Great post!

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