ZOEVA review


Hey everyone!   Hope you are all having a lovely week, how about this weather stop being so dull and bring back that beautiful sunshine from a couple weeks ago please I miss it already. Even though I was working throughout most of it, however I did manage to get out as and when I …

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Another Missguided post


  Hey everyone,   Been a busy few days, have purchased more clothes online than I know what to do with. This also means I have had a number of returns because I don’t think I have ever managed to keep everything I have ever bought online. Do you find this or am I the …

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A Little London Post


Hey Everyone,   London! What a city,  it is one of my favourite places in the world.  If I had the opportunity to move tomorrow I would without a doubt.  There is so much to do,  and so many places to visit it just feels like another universe away. London is so big with so …

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