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Hey Everyone,


I don’t even know where to begin. I have so many paces I want to visit/explore/and just fill my brain with memories and travel. This post is such a passion of mine, I love travelling and I love learning about different cultures and trying new things.


Between the ages of 14-17 I made a bucket list filled with all different things not just travel related, it was very much my go to place write when anything popped in my head.


My list has so many entries that it would take me absolutely ages to go through and mention everything on there so I thought I might do a couple posts with different parts of my bucket list. I guess it depends on how well this blog post does and if you guys like/enjoy reading it.

The pictures below are not my own – I found them from google.


Anyway back to the reason I am writing this post. My travel bucket list

  1.  Paris  – Well why wouldn’t I?  It is the most romantic city in the world with some of the best architecture buildings. I dream to  I just want to sit in a little cafe on the road side eating a croissant with the view of the Eiffel tower.







2.  Las Vegas – So I can spend all my money! No there is so much more to vegas than spending all my time in a casino, I want to visit the beautiful grand canyon maybe in a helicopter and see the wonderful sights. I hear there is an amazing aquarium in Vegas. If you know me you will know I love little fish so much and would never turn down a trip to the aquarium.

I do have quite a few places in USA I want to visit however to keep the list interesting I am choosing different countries.


3.  Finland – I have always wanted to stay in one of the glass igloos and watch the Northern lights, I just think it is one of those moments where it just takes your breath away. Just the idea of sleeping in an igloo is so magical,  they are filled with cozy blankets and  just generally really cute. While I am out there I would also love to do a husky sleigh ride, it is so natural no vehicle smoke and a full feel for the natural and wild way of life.


4.  Maldives – I mean who doesn’t want a little bit of luxury, two weeks in a little hut above the ocean with a private hot tub and the golden beaches with stunning palm trees. A little bit of heaven! Of course I would love todo lots of water activities such as scuba diving/ snorkling and so much more.  I have always wanted to catch my own fish and eat it also, I feel like this could be a fantastic place to do this while relaxing in the Maldives.


5.  Venice – Another very beautiful city, I do aim to visit here before it goes underwater. This will be a very sad day! I dream of floating down the canal in a punting boat with an Italian singer singing something very romantic.Not going to lie I will be one very happy girl just sitting in an Italian restaurant eating a freshly made pizza, and drinking a glass of wine.  Taking in the most of the beautiful city and amazing buildings.

6.  Australia – I would love to travel round and see all the big sights. Sydney Opera house as that in itself is on my bucket list. The great barrier reef is just amazing, imagine seeing the largest living thing on earth. Apparently it can actually be seen from space, if space was just a quick ride away I would deffo be checking that out. How could I forget Bondi beach one of Australia’s most iconic beaches with little pubs and so many different people form all over the world. What an amazing place to meet new and exciting people.

7. Hawaii – a volcanic island with many cliffs and waterfalls and tropical foliage, not forgetting the beautiful beaches with the wonderful red tones. I have always really enjoyed walking and hiking so the thought of being  able to walk over beautiful cliffs and see the views which most certainly will be worth it. I would love the chance to learn to surf on the Hawaiian sea with the sunsetting, and finishing with a traditional beer.


8. Pig Island – I know this sounds strange but there is an island in the Bahamas and along the beach front there are little pigs. I saw it online maybe 5 years ago and since then I have said I must go there. Pigs live on the island and they swim in the sea and it is the cutest thing. It is just a little island so day trips can be made so you can swim up close with the pigs, I mean it does sound like the cutest thing in the world?


9. Rio De Janeiro – I mean I have read so much about the amazing carnivals they have massive celebrations with floats and really amazing costumes which just looks like it would be so much fun. Rio has some amazing hiking routes as well over mountain, I mean the views would be incredible an  definitely worth the long walk up. The cable cars look incredible I mean could you imagine the pictures you could take from in one of those, I mean I would probably be so nervous going up but once the nerves have gone the views would  breathtaking.


My final place I am going to mention is not just one country, but I have to put this in here as it would be an amazing place to travel.



10.  Caribbean cruise – I came up with this decision  because I cannot decide which island I want to visit first. So I came up with the decision to do a cruise around them all therefore I can spend a little time and see which islands I fall in love with the most. I think all the islands are beautiful and all have there own individual qualities and I can’t wait to one day explore and find out all there little secrets.


I hope you have enjoyed reading about my top 10 travel bucket list ideas! I know I certainly cannot wait to visit each place and tell you all about it. If anyone reading this has been to any of the places I have mentioned or am planning to go to any, send me a message or an email. I would love to hear from you.


Hope everyone had a lovely weekend


Chloe xx


1 thought on “Top 10 travel bucket list”

  1. Las Vegas is my favourite place in the world! It’s incredible. The Grand Canyon is amazing (although if you’re travel sick like me, do not get on the helicopter. I was sick the whole way there AND back🤦🏼‍♀️🤢). It was still 100% worth doing. The hotels are amazing… each hotel it like being in whole new place! My favourite is the Venetian which is set out like Venice😍 but all of them are amazing. Paris is also beautiful! And it’s so easy to travel to from the UK!
    I really want to go to the Maldives AND Pig Island too! I hope you get to go everywhere you want!☺️💖

    Jayde |

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